Hi, I’m Tracy

A Life and Business Strategy Coach

 The Only Thing Limiting You Is Your Belief That There Are Limits!

In this short read, “Do You Believe This Shit?”, Tracy encourages you to build yourself up rather than breaking yourself down by believing in the things you may have heard in your past. Negative self-talk does nothing but destroys us, and Tracy takes you on a journey to getting rid of the ‘shit’ through her own story of building herself back up. Tracy’s tricks and tips will have you believing in yourself and ridding your life of everything that holds you back.

About Tracy

Hi, I’m Tracy.

I have been entrepreneur for 24 years. In addition to creating Inspiring U2 Grow, (a life and business strategies company), I have been highly successful in 3 top 25 network marketing companies.

From this, I received several sales and team building accolades over the years. My passion for growing and inspiring others to reach for their dreams led me on a deeper journey to look into who I am – spiritually and structurally.

I reached a place in my life and business that left me burned out, frustrated and praying for the answers to the question “How do I get to the next level?” It is said, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” This is exactly what happened. I invested in the right trainings with mentors and coaches and dove deep — learning all I could about systems, processes, and structures to not only grow a businesses with solid foundations but to also grow and expand others as well.

Assisting people on a personal level is something that comes naturally to me. Somehow, I never saw this as a gift. Learning to own my gift of healing has been magical. I have been blessed to study and receive training and certification from amazingly gifted Soul Essence Hypnosis facilitators, Reiki masters, and Energy medicine practitioners.

So much of who we are and how we think is based on our life’s experiences. Challenging those limiting beliefs and experiences is necessary for us to live happily and to fulfill our dreams. For three years I’ve worked and trained with the Brain Bliss Academy, Brain Function and Trauma Release, and working with a profit coach Susie Carder and Transformational coach & mentor Lisa Nichols. I am excited to connect with you, inspire you, and challenge you to take a fresh look at yourself, your business, and your beliefs.

Love and gratitude,

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What People Have To Say

  • The world of Direct Sales is a very specific one with specific needs in sales force management. Sales Representatives require training in business, motivation and details regarding their individual enterprises. Tracy Vitalo-Harwell has shared her experience in these areas with our Representatives in the form of webinars. She has shown herself to be both experienced and at ease with mentoring, educating and inspiring our sales team in the various areas mentioned above. As a principal of the business, I’ve found Tracy to be very personable, punctual and generous to work with. She possesses a rare combination of attributes and for these reasons, she receives our enthusiastic recommendation.

    Mark Gendel Principal - Lynda More Boots